Environmental Friendly Methods of Waste Disposal

Countries that are industrialized are struggling with the issues of excess waste in their environment. The waste material are causing more harm than good to the environment. It has also caused harm to human health as well as the livestock. Waste disposal has therefore been a concern to these countries and there are trying all they can to control the waste. Although there are different ways of waste treatment, the countries must focus on the methods that will not cause any danger to the environment. Some of the common methods that are used emit harmful greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere which causes many negative effects. The following are some methods that can help to reduce waste.

One of methods that can be used to reduce waste includes preventing of minimizing the waste. People are known to have the urge of buying more and more stuff. Some of the products that are bought can be unnecessary at times. Since the population also growing, it might end up buying ore and also disposing more. In such cases, it is important for the population to adopt the need for buying second hand items. These are products that has been previously used by other people. Therefore, if you are getting rid of an item, you should donate it or give it out to be used by another individual.

Recycling is another major method of reducing waste. Recycling transforms waste into products through industrial processing. Some of the major products that can be recycles includes glass, plastic, aluminum and steel. Instead of using new materials, the producing companies will collect these items and use them again. This process will have no effect to the environment. it will reduce costs and minimize the rate at which people waste.

Incineration is another common method of waste treatment that is environmental friendly. This is the combustion or the burning of the waste. The process utilizes oxygen for burning. It is a thermal treatment method that is used to recover energy that can be used for electricity as well as heating. It may also release some gases and inert ash. Inert ash can be used to facilitate hydroponic solutions. The energy on the other hand can be used in cooking and heating. When using the method, ensure that you use filters that will minimize the gasses and other type of pollution that may be released to the environment. This method is not expensive and it reduces the waste volume by 90%. When using the process, there must be strict vigilance to make sure that there are no leakage of the micro level contaminants.
Composting is also another common method used for waste treatment. This is the decomposition of the organic wastes. The method allows the waste to stay in a pit for a long time. The process takes time as it allows the waste to decompose by itself. The process can be slow, however, the results will be worthwhile. Once the waste has decomposed, they can be used as manure. They will help in the growth of plants.

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